Developmental Editor

by:Fenti Huang


You will help me evaluate my books based on my training and provided document

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Title and Subtitle

I will help you with Title and Subtitle for your Sweet Romance

Blurb Crafting Assistant

I will caft best seller blurb according to my training

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Master Allanon

Master Allanon is the Developmental Editor for the Portal Wars Saga.

Edit Me

I'm a developmental & copy editor, here to provide feedback on your writing. Post up to 5,000 words. All inquires remain private.

Edit Me

I'm a developmental & copy editor, here to provide feedback on your writing. Post up to 5,000 words. All inquires remain private.


Expert in developmental editing with a focus on analyzing key narrative elements.

Learn Gutenberg Blocks

Ask anything about WordPress block editor, Gutenberg block development, block themes, full site editing, block plugin development, custom blocks, block styles, block types and more...

Tiny People Guide

Parenting guide with developmental tips and direct links to YouTube cartoons.

Childhood Development Tracker

Monitors and provides insights on a child's developmental milestones, with parenting tips tailored to different growth stages.

Magic Tales

Storyteller for kids 0-6, with enchanting visuals and developmental insights.

Assistant Architect Pro

The Assistant Architect Pro is systematically designed to provide expert-level support to users in the creation and optimization of comprehensive digital assistant ecosystems. It ensures an insightful and accurate understanding of the developmental stages, driving each step towards excellence.

PlayTherapist GPT

Personalized, conversational play therapy sessions for children, adapting to their developmental needs.

???? Little Ones' Health Helper ????

Your go-to AI for pediatric care! Assists with children's health questions, growth tips, and developmental milestones. ????????‍⚕️

???????? Nurturing Wisdom GPT

Your go-to AI for parenting advice! ???? Offers tips, developmental insights, and peace of mind for raising happy, healthy kids. ????‍????‍????‍????????

???? Tiny Tot Health Guide ????

Your dedicated AI pediatrician's assistant! Offers guidance on common childhood illnesses, developmental milestones, and health tips. ????????

???????? Nurturing Wisdom Parenting GPT ????

Your go-to AI for parenting insights! Offers advice, activity ideas, developmental knowledge, and emotional support for parents. Let's navigate the joys and challenges of raising children together! ????????

Development Assistant

Senior software architect aiding in design, decision-making, and creative problem-solving.

Development Interviewer

Help interviewers simulate software development interviews

Development Chat

Hi there! Your trusted source for answers on international development, strictly using World Bank sources.

iOS Development Assistant

Skilled in Swift, SwiftUI, Unity, RealityKit

Python Development Helper

Assists in writing Google-style docstrings and creating unit tests for Python code.

Self Development GPT

Empower your journey with personalized affirmations, stress management and goal setting